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Asc timetable is a fully automatic school time table scheduling software. 
  • Automatic Allocation : Allocation of periods to classes and teachers is fully automised and frees the user of all processing.
  • Efficient and Dependable : A clash-free and error-free timetable is assured.
  • Saves Time and Labour.

About us :
TSW Infotech Ltd. (Software Division of T. Spiritual World Ltd.)

T. Spiritual World Ltd., as the name suggests, envisions itself to be the complete destination for spiritual products and services. The Company initially started from Kolkata but now has offices in Mumbai, Delhi & Meerut. The company is a successfully managed; profit making, dividend paying public limited company.

The Company differentiates itself by being the only public listed Company to have diversified into the spiritual products and services space. This will be the competitive advantage for the Company as it ventures into a very unorganized sector and wishes to work very professionally.

The Company went public in 1991 with a successful public issue of equity shares and at present its shares are listed on the Calcutta Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange. The Company has more than 15000 shareholders.


Meerut.com is a horizontal portal managed by TSW Software – IT division of T. Spiritual World Ltd.

www.meerut.com - Portal developed to show our skills in all directions. ASP, SQL, Data Structure, Design, Flash, Java, Dot Net, J2ME etc. Skills are used in the development. More than 50K pages and 10 lac hits per day makes this site a favorite of Internet advertisers who know that this is future.

TSW Software provides software solutions, IT consulting, software implementation and training services to various organizations and individuals. We provide complete and reliable business and technology solutions to the small and medium sized businesses for a realistic cost with excellent service levels.

TSW Software is a focal point of Software Development that acts as a hub surrounded by technology, software and its services. By teaming up with leading technology and integrated management, we provide best-of-breed solutions & play a vital role in diversified segments of business that enhance the efficiency of the organization.

Key Highlights

  • Indian listed Company working in the spiritual area (Listed on Bombay Stock Exchange)
  • Having market capitalization of more than Rs. 20 crores
  • Last year turnover is Rs. 52.53 crores
  • Aims to provide spiritual solace via alternative medicine and therapies in a professional and organized manner
  • TSW Centre at Mahipalpur (New Delhi) is the location of the TSW Yoga Studio, TSW Spiritual Store & TSW Spiritual Clinic
  • TSW Software Centre is situated in Meerut (Uttar Pradesh)
  • The name of the company was present in the list of top 25 IT companies according to Market Capitalisation. (Source: The Financial Express, Mumbai edition dated 7th April 2003).
    According to the list of ET 500 companies, company was ranked 264th in April’03.
    T. Spiritual World Ltd. Was also present in BSE-500 index. (Source: BSE Notice No.20030524-10)
  • According to the list of Business Today’s List of Most Valuable Private Sector Companies, the company was ranked 318th in November’04.

Business Units

Besides TSW Software, the Company has 3 more business units.

  • TSW Spiritual Store - This Specialty Retail Store provides consumers with access to new age products for the mind, body and spirit.
  • TSW Yoga Studio - TSW Yoga Studio is a place for consumers to energize their mind, body and spirit using Yoga and Meditation.
  • TSW Spiritual Clinic – This Clinic provides all services as required for the point of contact clinic for a defined mental, emotional, physical or spiritual condition to be treated using alternative and complementary medicine.

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