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COM Event Calendar

COM Event Calendar is a complete solution to make records for all the upcoming and recurring events for your school. This software is very helpful for keeping your school event records for future viewing or making to-do list for current working. This software helps to view the records in future whether it will be in 5 or 10 years your events and to-do task will be safe for long. Through this software you can make records for the school events like:

  • The visitors in the school like some personality visit your school or some career counseling team comes to your school.
  • To remember and record the upcoming or recurring functions like Independence Day, Sports Day, House Competitions, Annual function or Prize Distribution functions etc.
  • You can record all the upcoming or recurring events like day-to-day activities in the school which helps to remember the activities for every new session, events happening frequently like drawing competitions within school, sports competition and all other day to day activities.
  • Remember and manage the school competitions, new joining, staff and student’s birthday etc.
  • To record the all occasions like new appointments and anniversary for the staff and student’s parents birthday and anniversary
  • Record all important dates for the Farewell Party, Founder’s day etc.
  • Milestone achieved by the school and it’s students and other important happenings
  • School constructions or additions which are to be made and some infrastructure changes which are recurring or will be required in future.

Key Features

  • Import & Export from Outlook
  • Give it to various departments and compile whole department’s events at session ends to make a yearbook of your school to view in future whether in 10 years or 50 years.
  • Import events and tasks from other diary (event calendar)
  • Duplicate entry delete option
  • Image Rename Function to prevent the image overwriting
  • With a Office 2007 theme with complete customization
  • Print whole records Daily/Weekly/Monthly



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